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I follow politics on a daily basis.  While I grew up ostensibly as a Republican (very odd considering I’m a product of the welfare and foster care systems), I’ve gravitated to the center and see myself as an Independent.  I still find myself wanting to hear all sides of the issues, however, so I will visit everything from the National Review to the Daily Kos to get a better understanding and make a more educated decision. Honestly, there are extremists on both sides muddying the waters.

I’m of the view the Federal government is not just about a President who leads, it is about a Congress that controls the purse-strings and a Court system that interprets the law.  No one part of this triumvirate is more innocent or guilty than the other.

Where do I stand on the issues? It’s complicated, as is politics in general, although I am open to ideas and solutions from anyone, regardless of political affiliation or ideology.