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Office Add-ins I Use

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Microsoft Office Tools I Use

This is a collection of Microsoft Office add-ins, both free and commercial, and tip sites I use as needed. Some are more valuable than others, depending on your specific need. Obviously, your mileage may vary.

I’ve built databases using Microsoft Access since 1998. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve become fairly adept at bringing some comprehensive projects to life. As a “smart” I.T. guy, I never pass up a chance to use an already developed tool or reutilize stuff to help complete a project. Depending on the project, I tend to get a lot of mileage out of these:

AdminEzy ExporterRobust object export tool$29.95
AdminTotal Access AdminReal-time database monitoring$199.00
AdminNavigation Pane Relief*Robust object navigation$35.95
AdminTotal Access StartupControl Access version launches$499.00
ComparisonAccessDiffCompare databases, objects and data$299.00
ComparisonTotal Access DetectiveCompare databases and objects$199.00
Data AnalysisDashboard BuilderAdd data dashboards$99.00
Data AnalysisTotal Access StatisticsComplex statistical analysis of data$599.00
Data CorrectionName SplitterSplit name fields into component parts$39.00
Data CorrectionSpell Checker and DictionarySpell check data entryFree
Data CorrectionFind and Replace*Works with all database objects$37.00
Data CorrectionTotal Access SpellerSpell check for database objects$199.00
FormsTotal Access MemoAdd rich text fields to forms and reports$299.00
FormsTotal Access ComponentsDevelopment and form tools$199.00
FormsButton PainterEnhanced form button creation$24.95
FormsCenterItAutomatically center forms$35.95
FormsVelociformForm creation wizard$44.95
FormsShrinkerStretcherRobust automated form resizing$44.95
FormsSelectorMulti-puropose record and value selector$35.95
FormsDrag-N-DropperAdd drag and drop capability to forms$35.95
FormsSmartForm+Build consistent, multi-function forms$29.95
HelpHelp GeneratorAutomated database help creation$299.00
HelpHelp WizardHelp creation wizard$19.95
IntegrationTotal Access EmailerRobust email capability within Access$499.00
IntegrationChartExcel WizardBuild Excel charts from Access data$34.95
IntegrationImportObject WizardImport files as OLE objects$24.95
IntegrationReportExcel WizardCreate ad hoc Excel reports from Access$34.95
IntegrationLetterManagerForm letters within Access$35.95
IntegrationOutputWriter WizardQuickly output data in specfic formats$49.95
IntegrationPrintExcel WizardAutomate Access to Excel reporting$49.95
Module and CodeCodeBox WizardReady to use VBA code procedures$14.95
Module and CodeMZ Tools*VB development toolsFree
Module and CodeCode VBA*VBA development tools$37.00
Module and CodeV-Tools*VB development toolsFree
Module and CodeTotal Visual CodeToolsCoding productivity tools$299.00
Module and CodeEnhanced Message Box*Robust message box builderFree
Module and CodeTotal Access SourcebookVB and VBA code library$399.00
Module and Code123 Error HandlerAnalyze code for error handling$29.95
QueryEzy SQL EditorSQL editor replacement$29.95
QueryQuery Tree EditorSQL editor and templates$39.00
ReportCub ReporterDynamic report output tool$35.95
ReportReport Run WizardOrganize and automate reports$24.95
ReportReport Builder*Dynamic report output tool$199.00
ReportEzy Filter PLUSDynamic report output tool$29.95
ScheduleSchedule WizardSchedule database tasks$34.95
ScheduleTotal Visual AgentAutomate Access tasks$299.00
ScheduleWorkflow BuilderAutomate Access tasks$599.00
SecurityLASsieSimplified user security$44.95
SecurityFormSafe*User-level access control$49.00
SecurityKeyedAccessProduct key and unlock code validation$299.00
Structural AnalysisEzy Documenter*Object and component documentation$39.95
Structural AnalysisTotal Access Analyzer*In-depth documentation and analysis$299.00
Structural AnalysisObject Dependency BrowserExplore database objects and dependencies$39.95
TableDesignerEnhanced table design$199.00
User InterfaceModal DialogsForm focus using transparencyFree
User InterfaceSwitchboards*Various user interfacesVaries
User InterfaceUI Builder*Robust intrerface design tool$399.00

* I use these a lot… Highly recommended!

I do a lot of Excel work, although I am by no means nearly as fluent with it as I am with Access. Still, I use tools whenever I can to make my Excel life easier. I just wish I could use these at work!

Duplicate RemoverFind and remove duplicate entries$29.95Add-in
Fuzzy Duplicate FinderFind misprints and typos$49.95Add-in
Merge Tables WizardLook up and merge data from two tables$49.95Add-in
Merge Cells WizardMerge cells, rows and columns$29.95Add-in
Combine Rows WizardMerge data from duplicate rows$29.95Add-in
Advanced Find & ReplaceSearch in all or selected worksheets$29.95Add-in
Random GeneratorGenerate unique random data$29.95Add-in
Random SorterShuffle individual cells or rows$19.95Add-in
Measurement Units ConverterPerform various conversions$19.95Add-in
Split Namessplit multi-part names$19.95Add-in
Workbook ManagerNavigate between multiple workbooks$19.95Add-in
Cell CleanerDelete excess spaces and line breaks$19.95Add-in
ASAP UtilitiesToolbox to aid spreadsheet operations$49.00Add-in
Plug-N-Play DashboardAdd dashboards to your workbooks$29.95Add-on
Power Utility PakAdded functionality$40.00Add-in
Easy-XLAdded functionality$89.00Add-in
AkinCompare workbooksFreeAdd-in
Excel UtilitiesAdded functionalityFreeAdd-in
Name ManagerManage defined names in workbooksFreeAdd-in
RefTreeAnalyserAnalyse workbook formulasFreeAdd-in
FlexfindEnhanced search and replaceFreeAdd-in
AutosafeAutosave working file in predefined directoryFreeAdd-in
Peltier ChartsVarious advanced charts and utilitiesVariesAdd-in
NTRandMersenne Twister-based random generator FreeAdd-in
SparklinesFor use in Excel 2007FreeAdd-in
PowerPaneInstant access to key information$49.00Add-in

I rarely use Outlook at home, but when I do I get a lot of mileage out of some of these. If only I could use Xobni at work, my life would be SO MUCH EASIER!

XobniOrganize and sort emailVariesPlugin
Outlook on the DesktopFlexible Outlook displayFreeProgram
ClearContextOrganize email, tasks, appointments and filesVariesPlugin
DeduperDuplicate remover$29.95Plugin
SimplyFileOne-click email organization$49.95Plugin
TaglocityEmail management and organizationFreePlugin

I do a ton of Word stuff. Some of this is really targeted to certain things, but helpful all the same!

MathTypeInsert equations in Word documents$97.00Add-in
Annotate for WordStreamlines editing and commentingVariesAdd-in
Word Frequency CounterCount and report word use frequencyFreeAdd-in
Power PackAdd search and translate featuresFreeAdd-in
Document SplitterSplit one document into multiple documentsFreeAdd-in
Writing OutlinerProject-based writing tool$49.00Add-in

Each of these is in some way related to Office. All are targeted to certain things, but useful!

AOPRRecover lost Office passwords$249.00Program
Bookmark DocsBookmark Office files and PDF documents$24.95Program
Ribbon CreatorCreate Office toolbar ribbons$35.25Program
Office TabCreates a tabbed user interface in Office$25.00Add-in
Classic MenuAdd pre-2007 classic menu to Office$29.95Add-in
Ribbon FinderSearch for Office coomands$25.00Add-in

We all need help at some point. Here are some of the places I routinely visit to solve Office-related problems and learn new skills.

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