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Sometimes I want to do something with my PC that it can’t currently do.  Usually my PC is limited by (a) my ability to program, (b) software installed that is subpar or limited, and (c) software availability.  This is why I’m always looking for cutting-edge, niche software that comes cheap or, even better, free.

Case in point:  On occasion, I have had to do some graphics work requiring software specifically geared to image editing.  Most would argue Adobe® Photoshop® is the cream of the imaging world’s crop.  While I can’t argue the point, I could never justify the cost.  Options?  Well, I could try Microsoft Paint.  It comes installed on every Windows PC.  Problem is, it’s really limited.  I could get a copy of Photoshop® for a ton of money (or via an illegal download), or I could find a cheaper alternative like Corel® Paint Shop Pro®, which still costs quite a bit.  Enter Paint.net.  Not only is it comparable to Photoshop® in ability, it’s also priced just for me.  That’s right, it’s free!

And how do I track things like this down?  Well, there’s obviously Google®.  But I prefer sites like Lifehacker, Major Geeks, Freeware Genius, and Beta News to help me find what I’m looking for, and sometimes discover things I didn’t think I would need or use.

(Updated 2010-09-04)