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RPG Links

Forums: General

  • RPG.net: A great focal point for RPG discussion and review. I like it because it has a broad range of discussion and offers a place to buy and sell games.
  • The Forge: A game design focal point where many of the industry’s best “indie” RPGs originated. I occasionally go here to look at cutting-edge design concepts.

Forums: Particular RPGs

  • ENWorld: THE focal point for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). You have to keep up with the 800 Lb gorilla, after all.
  • Citizens of the Imperium: CotI is the home for Traveller players and fans. Have to keep up with the venerable sci-fi RPG grognards.
  • SF RPG: Forum geared toward Sci-Fi RPGs, with a special focus on Traveller. An alternative to CotI.
  • Mongoose Publishing: Covers their entire RPG line, although I go strictly for the Traveller information.


  • AnyDice: An outstanding web-based dice probability calculator.
  • Troll: Another outstanding web-based dice probability calculator, with built-in roller.


  • DiceChucker: A nice downloadable dice roller with options
  • RPG Dice Roller: a nice older downloadable dice roller for multiple RPG systems
  • Rock’n’Roll Dice Roller: A cool downloadable 3D dice roller with sound
  • Fudge Roller: A cool web-based visual Fudge dice roller
  • Fudge Dice Roller: A nice web-based Fudge dice roller
  • Dice Roller: A very handy web-based dice roller for play-by-post (PbP) and play-by-email (PbeM) games, with data storage capability
  • Secure Dice: Another web-based dice roller geared toward PbP and PbeM games, with e-mail forwarding capability