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Noble’s Book

Noblemen are knights of great distinction who hold large fiefs and bear titles like count and duke. Each nobleman has a personal retinue and leads his own vassal knights. Noblemen live in castles and wage private wars. Each nobleman stands near his king and performs important duties.

This supplement tells you how to roleplay a nobleman for King Arthur Pendragon. Included are:


  • Duties and benefits for both players of bannerets, counts, dukes, and kings, and their characters
  • Hosting a tournament – five simple steps


  • Land ownership, annual economic procedures
  • Standard Fiefs, generating a fief
  • Taxes
  • Building a castle


  • Rules for sieges, raids and invasions
  • Player battle procedures
  • Battlements – illustrated examples of typical fortifications, including a 16-page fold-out explanation of the parts of a castle

Cover Illustration by Steve Purcell

Noble’s Book
Author Greg Stafford
Publisher Chaosium
Year 1986
Product Number CHA 2703
ISBN 0933635125
Format Soft Cover
Original Price $11.95
In Print No
Availability eBay
PDF through DriveThruRPG

You can purchase nearly the entire Pendragon line in PDF, as well as get current edition products via print on demand (POD) at DriveThruRPG (DTRPG) on Nocturnal Media’s Pendragon page.

Author Greg Stafford
Editing and Production Charlie Krank
Cover Illustration Steve Purcell
Interior Illustrations Carolyn Schultz (most)
Bill Keyes (arms)
Lisa Free (deer panel)
Mike Blum (Britain Map)
Alternate Glory Bill Dunn
Eric Krupa
Andy Tauber
Special Thanks To Charlie Krank
Sandy Petersen
Jeff Okamoto
Table of Contents Page
Introduction 3
– French Characters
– Heraldry
– Tournaments
– Glory
– Arthur’s Britain
– Taxes
– Castles & Defensive Works
– Raid
– Siege
– Invasion
– Battle
Land Record 77
Index 79

Pendragon is a TM of and all the game materials are copyright by Nocturnal Media, LLC.