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Role Playing

You wouldn’t know it, but I’m a big fan of role-playing games. (It all makes sense now, right?!) I first played as a 6th grader after moving to West Covina, CA in November 1979. Kids were drawing maps and rolling dice, exploring dungeons and fighting monsters, and finding treasure and magic. I was amazed! I played D&D with a new-found friend, Charlie Wickward in the 7th grade, and was hooked, using my paper route money to buy new books.

Time passed, I moved again and again, and chances to play faded. But I kept my stuff, and my collection grew. When I travel, I try to visit used book stores to find things to add to the collection. To date I have over 600 RPG books, some dating back to the original D&D books published in 1974. While I’ve parted with probably 100 books I didn’t find interesting, as well as over 300 Dungeon and Dragon magazines (have them all in PDF now), I’ve managed to maintain and grow the core collection to include dozens of mainstream and indie designs. I won’t even tell you how much I have in electronic format!

Although I rarely played, my fascination evolved to focus on how the game itself worked. The different mechanics, goals and approaches spurred my own creativity and desire to produce something myself. I’m not there yet, as life tends to have other ideas, but I hope to one day. Until then…