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Outstanding Biomedical Equipment Repair SNCO of the Year6, 7, 8

2002SMSgt Dave Duenas1Fairchild AFB, WA (AMC)
2003MSgt Robert Velez1Osan AB, Korea (PACAF)
2004SMSgt Tracy Wilhelm2Sheppard AFB, TX (AETC)
20053MSgt Arthur HouseKadena AB, Japan (PACAF)
2006MSgt Dan HoffartKadena AB, Japan (PACAF)
2007MSgt Charles FrizzellRAF Lakenheath, England (USAFE)
2008MSgt Quyen NgoRamstein AB, Germany (USAFE)
2009SMSgt Charles Frizzell4Langley AFB, VA (ACC)
2010MSgt Margaret Cooper5Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (PACAF)

  1. Prior to 2004, there was no 4A2 SNCO category. All SNCO 4A2s competed with 4A1s for the Outstanding Medical Logistics SNCO of the Year Award.
  2. First year 4A2 SNCO category included
  3. Award period changed from calendar year to fiscal year
  4. First 2-time winner in any category. Prior to Fiscal Year 2009, members could only win once per category in their respective careers. Rules were changed beginning in 2009 allowing members to win twice per category in their respective careers.
  5. First female 4A2 winner in SNCO category, as well as first female 4A2 to win multiple categories; previously won Outstanding Biomedical Equipment Repair NCO of the Year in 2008.
  6. All AFSC-specific SNCO awards dropped in Fiscal Year 2011
  7. MSgt Christopher Espinosa, a BMET at Yokota Air Base Japan, won the 2014 Air Force Medical Service SNCO Leadership Award
  8. SMSgt Allan Weary, a BMET at Wright-Patterson AFB, won the Air Force Medical Service SNCO Leadership Award. In addition, SMSgt Curtis Miller, a BMET at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, USAF SNCO Organizational Management Excellence Award.