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4A2 History

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4A2 History

The Air Force Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) has its roots in the “Installation and Construction Engineering” occupational areas of the 1950s. Originally listed as a 401X2, the Biomedical Equipment Repairer career field was recoded as 403X0 in 1960. At the time, it was not actually considered a “medical” career field.

In 1981, the career field was recoded as 918X0, and renamed Biomedical Equipment Maintenance. Subsequently in 1984, the career field was officially incorporated into the Medical Logistics hierarchy, mimicking a trend that had begun years earlier at local bases around the world. In 1987, the Biomedical Equipment Maintenance career field absorbed Facility Management duties, while the 906X0 Medical Administration Specialist career field absorbed Systems Administration duties, a decision that continues to impact the career field to this day. In 1989, the career field was renamed Biomedical Equipment, and subsequently recoded 4A2X1 in October 1993. It has remained the same since.

Today, the career field includes nearly 500 active duty personnel and covers some 75 medical treatment facilities around the world. In addition, there are nearly 300 Air National Guardsmen and Air Force Reservists at various units throughout the United States. BMETs support Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and NEW DAWN, and works ongoing and as-needed humanitarian operations from Eastern Europe to South America.

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